Welcome to Kingdom Sacco

Welcome to Kingdom Sacco

by Ksacco


Kingdom SACCO Society Limited is a community-based Savings and Credit institution upholding biblical principles and values. It was started by Life Reformation Centre in 1999. The Society was registered in 2000 under the Co-operative Societies Act No 12 of 1997 and is governed by the SACCO Societies Act of 2008 and its by-laws. The Society is regulated by the Sacco’s Society Regulatory Authority.

The aim for our education forum is to impart you with knowledge to enable your bright future dream become a reality. Our ultimate objective is to empower you economically and socially by promoting a Savings and Investments culture and providing affordable credit. The first stage in realizing your investment opportunity unfold is participating in our products and services awareness education forum. Below are the scheduled dates for the meetings. Plan to attend at least one. The meeting link with a reminder will be sent as an SMS to your phone.

  • 31st May at 2pm- Products and Services Awareness
  • 26th July at 2pm- Banking at the Comfort of your Home
  • 26th Sept at 2pm- Loan Multipliers and Collaterals
  • 27th Nov at 2pm- Personal Planning- When do I need a Loan?

This is the non-withdrawable account held by any member to enable them to mobilize deposits that are not withdrawable until the point of closure and exit from the institution.


The purposes of the account are to enable one;

  1. To borrow into the future based on what they have saved up to five times subject to terms and conditions
  2. Mobilize deposits in a bid to build a saving culture and this can be banked through Kingdom Sacco mobile banking App or M-pesa if available or through bank swift code for the Diaspora.
  3. Earn interest on deposits based on the amount and period the account is held within Kingdom Sacco.
  4. Cash Collateral, this can be used as a security to a loan in cases where you have not guaranteed any other loans.

The FOSA account is the withdrawable account or current account that operates as a transactional account in which one can deposit money and access it through our alternative banking channels such as:

  1. Mobile banking through our Mobile App found on Google Play Storeand the App Store.
  2. ATM at any Cooperative Bank outlet or through any other Bank as our card is Visa
  3. Cardless withdrawal through Family Bank which is enabled through the mobile application and SMS
  4. Over the counter transactions within our Banking Hall situated in Githurai 45 along Thika Road.
  5. Point of sale services where you can swipe you ATM card and withdraw cash.

We provide you with a variety of efficient and convenient services that enable you to:

  1. Transact through our Kingdom Sacco Mobile Banking App to Sign up as a new member, Apply for Loans, MPESA Withdrawal, Account Transfers, Account Enquiries, Statement Requests, Merchant payments, Pesa-link etc. You can download Kingdom Sacco Mobile App on Google Play Store.
  2. Make Automated Deposit to your account through any Equity Bank Branch to our Account No. 1550262333007 and any Family Bank Branch via Utility Payment. You will provide your Kingdom Sacco 12-digit Account. Number.
  3. Make Automated Deposits through MPESA or Equitel/Equity Bank Agents using our Paybill No. 521000 and through Family Bank Agents using Bill Payment Code 020, then provide your Account Number and Amount.
  4. Access funds via Cardless ATM Withdrawal Service with Family Bank accessible to all our registered Mobile Banking Users. For guidelines send the word CARDLESS to 0705270662 or use our Mobile App.
  5. Apply for a Cheque Book and initiate cheque payments from your account at Kingdom Sacco.
  6. Process your salary to your Kingdom Sacco Account and benefit from very affordable salary loans.
  7. Operate an Ufalme Account and save in order to acquire Land/Housing in our upcoming projects.

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