by Ksacco
Investments are the best way to grow your worth. We encourage our members to spend their savings into investment ventures that will guarantee good returns in our efforts to promote a Savings and Investments Culture.

Fixed Deposit Account

This is an investment account for members of Kingdom Sacco. The minimum fixable amount is Ksh 20,000 for a period of between 3 and 12 months. This money attracts interest rates at very attractive interest rates that vary from time to time depending on the market changes. To invest your money in this account you first need to be a member of Kingdom SACCO then you can write a letter requesting to input funds into a fixed deposit account.

Call Deposit Account

The Call deposit account is an investment account that earns interest without sacrificing immediate access to invested funds. This account is ideal for small businesses that wish to earn good interest rates while having immediate access to and full control of the funds in the account. The minimum investment is Kes 20,000.


Ufalme Housing

Ufalme Housing Scheme is an investment Solution by Kingdom Sacco aimed at providing members of Kingdom Sacco with an avenue to invest in land, housing and general real-estate development.