by Ksacco

Banking Services You Can Trust

We offer a range of Banking services to enable you transact and save efficiently. We have also implemented Alternative banking channels to enable you to transact conveniently and securely from any part of the world. We also offer Salary Processing and salary advances to our members.


Our savings solutions are based on the belief that financial empowerment comes through diligent financial stewardship and discipline. Kingdom Sacco offers the following savings solutions:

  • Monthly Non-withdrawable Deposits.
  • Youth Heritage Savings
  • Mustard Junior Account

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Banking Hall

The Sacco has a wide range of front office services including:

  • Transactional Accounts
  • Cheque Clearing
  • Funds transfer
  • Cheque Book Services
  • Salary Processing

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Kingdom SACCO offers a wide range of Alternative Banking Channels to facilitate convenient, safe and secure access to all our banking services. This ABCs include:

  • KSacco Mobile App
  • KSacco Paybill for Deposits (521000)
  • Direct Deposit at partner Banks (Equity Bank(A/C: 1550262333007) and Family Bank(Kingdom Sacco Ltd)
  • Visa ATM and Point of Sale Service

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